Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay in cosmetics use is very popular. Kaolin clay is white powder that is produced in limestone mines. It is also sold as white clay because of its white color. Kaolin is a common mineral all over the globe but it is more common in tropical countries.
Kaolin clay in cosmetics is the gentlest clay. Kaolin clay does not make your skin dry and it does not absorb moisture or skin’s natural grease comparing to bentonite clay or illite clay. You can use a kaolin clay mask on weekly basis and your skin will not get too dry.

Benefits of Kaolin Clay

  • Kaolin clay is antiseptic

In case you suffer from acne or your skin is unclean, try a facial mask made of kaolin. It prevents the growth of bacteria naturally. The clay makes too sour skin more alkalic. That means harmful bacteria will not grow anymore. Greasy skin is very sour and that is why it is best to treat it using alkaline products. The best option for greasy skin is red kaolin because it absorbs better grease than white kaolin.

  • Kaolin clay is the most efficient and affordable cleansing mask

Most popular material for cleansing masks is probably the French green clay but it cannot beat kaolin in efficiency. Kaolin clay’s quality-price ratio is outstanding. Kaolin is very common mineral all over the world and that is why it is so affordable. For example, kaolin is very popular in beauty care in Western Africa. Kaolin is sold as a stone over there. Users break small pieces out of the stone and then grind them to powder. Kaolin clay absorbs the skin’s impurities like a magnet. Pollution particles originated from air and remains of cosmetics are easy to clean from the skin using kaolin clay mask. Usually one treatment in a week is enough to keep your skin in good condition.

  • Kaolin clay gives necessary minerals to the skin

Long time ago humans’ skin was covered by natural mineral layer. Ancient people were much closer to nature and mother earth. Modern people must think how to get enough vital minerals. Using clay in cosmetics will replace at least some missed part of the lost natural life. With Kaolin our skin gets necessary minerals like magnesia, zinc and calcium. These micronutrients will feed our skin making it shinier.

  • Kaolin clay mask is very efficient detox-treatment to your skin

Even though the air we breath is quite clean in some countries the fact is that majority of industrialized countries are suffering from polluted air. There is no way we can protect our skin 100% from air pollution. In addition, many cosmetic products contain harmful chemicals. That is why the regular skin cleansing is very important. Kaolin clay is very suitable product for this purpose because a person suffering too dry skin can use it frequently.