Emulium® Mellifera MB

Emulium® Mellifera MB by Gattefossé is a natural, PEG-free, non-ionic, o/w emulsifier. Emulium® Mellifera MB was awarded a gold medal at the in-cosmetics Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards 2014.

Described as a sensorial emulsifier [INCI: Polyglyceryl-6 distearate, jojoba esters, polyglyceryl-3 beeswax, cetyl alcohol], Emulium Mellifera MB is said to adapt to the environment. In cold or dry conditions, it creates a soft, comfortable film of protection on the skin and in hot and humid conditions, it stabilises the sensory properties, leaving the skin less heavy and less greasy with a lower perceptible film. Emulium Mellifera MB forms oil-in-water (o/w) emulsions and is said to be particularly well-suited to low viscosity formulations.

Emulium® Mellifera MB acts as a film former and aesthetic enhancer. It creates natural emulsions with white and luxurious appearance. It shows significant moisturizing properties and visibly improves skin texture. It forms emulsions which are soft, non-occlusive and provide transparency on application, easy spreadability, particularly low residual film, low greasiness, smooth and comfortable after feel. Offers wide compatibility with oils, consistency agents, gelling agents, actives, mineral and organic UV filters, pigments, electrolytes, alcohol and preservatives. Used to formulate fully flexible skincare textures from sprayable lotions to thick butter creams. Suitable for formulating low viscosity formulations, color cosmetics with excellent transfer resistance and highly sensorial sun care products.

Emulium® Mellifera MB is a 100% natural, ECOCERT & COSMOS compliant and NPA certified product.