Evermat™ is an effective ingredient for oily skin care: it has excellent matting properties, helps to narrow and reduce pores, smoothes the skin. This component is based on oleic acid, plant extract and butylene glycol.

Evermat™ is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that normalizes sebum production, prevents blackheads and rashes, and provides matte skin.


The use of Evermat™ in cosmetic formulations allows to solve problems associated with enlarged pores, blackheads and greasy luster of the skin. This asset can be used in cosmetics for mature and adolescent skin suffering from excessive sebum production during puberty.

Evermat™ is not recommended for dry skin.


  • reduction of sebum secretions;
  • reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • narrowing of the pores;
  • prevention of hyperseborrhea;
  • prevention of inflammation;
  • prevention of rashes;
  • elimination of blackheads in pores;
  • alignment of skin texture.


The effect of using cosmetics with Evermat™ is observed from the first application, but it is better to use it regularly, rather than haphazardly and one-time-episodically.