Jojoba Oil

What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba Oil is a botanical extract of the seed of the jojoba tree. Technically, it is not actually an oil, but rather what is called a wax ester. Why do we care? Because out of all of the compounds in nature, this wax ester is the most similar to human skin oil (sebum). The bottom line for acne-prone people is that Jojoba Oil is non-comedogenic so you can use it without fear.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil

  • Provides all day moisturization – Jojoba Oil does not evaporate like water based moisturizers can.
  • Jojoba Oil is so similar to human skin oil, it can “trick” the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil and thus balance oil production.
  • Massage oil – Jojoba Oil is perhaps the best massage oil on earth. A little goes a long way and for people with body acne is a welcome non-comedogenic option.