Lemon Oil

When applied on the skin, lemon oil can greatly improve its appearance and make it look rejuvenated. It has the ability to restore saggy or dull skin due to its astringent and antiseptic effects. It kills various pathogens that live on the skin, treating skin conditions or pimples. Due to its astringent properties, it also removes excessive oil from the skin.
The skin becomes more elastic and regains its softness after the application of lemon oil, which also restores its natural complexion. The oil provides antiseptic affects and also nourishes the deep skin layers. Using it constantly will keep your skin healthy and reduce the risk of warts or calluses.
Many oils are known for their action against acne, but lemon oil is considered to be the most powerful of all. This is caused by the mixture of antioxidant agents like citric acid or vitamin C. They kill the pathogens that cause acne and at the same time reduce the risk of scarring by improving collagen production. Since it is astringent, lemon oil makes large pores contract, reducing the excess amount of sebum on the skin. The same effect also works on the hair. Lemon oil shrinks hair follicles, which prevents greasy hair by limiting the amount of sebum that is released on the scalp and reaches hair shafts.
The skin can be bleached in a safe and natural way using lemon oil, due to the citric oil found in its composition. Besides changing the tone of the skin, it can also eliminate acne scars in time, as well as maintain a balanced pH level. pH balance is known to be very important for the aspect of facial skin. Using lemon oil regularly can prevent the development of acne and at the same time remove old scars and blemishes.