Marrubium Vulgare Extract

Marrubium Vulgare, also known as White Horehound, is a medicinal plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. While celebrated in ancient times by the Romans and Arabs for its ability to treat respiratory disorders and indigestion, research today reveals that Marrubium vulgare extracts show promise in lowering lipids, blood pressure and blood sugar.
These benefits are mostly related to its free-radical scavenging and anti-inflammatory properties, which translates into vital skin protection and rejuvenation.
People today avoid visible pollutants without realizing that invisible ones can easily penetrate the skin. The surge of oxidative stress and inflammation that soon follows alters the structure of skin tissues and cells, leading to the hallmarks of aging that include wrinkles and undesirable pigmentation.
Compelling evidence implicates a role for air pollution, especially particulate matter, in premature aging of the skin. Scientists have found that a novel extract derived from the plant Marrubium vulgare may help prevent and repair air pollution damage.