Peucedanum Ostruthium (Masterwort) Leaf Extract

Ingredient: Masterwort Leaf Extract
Botanical Name: Peucedanum ostruthium (also known as Imperatoria ostruthium)
Masterwort is a perennial flowering plant native to the mountains of Central and Southern Europe that is now grown widely around the world. It’s a member of the Apiaceae family and a relative of the carrot, parsley, parsnip, and celery.
Masterwort has been a medicinal staple since the Middle Ages referred to as “the divine remedy” by the Romans, “the Queen of the plants” by the Swiss, and “the magic plant” by others. It’s no wonder this plant has such flattering monikers — over the past few centuries, it has been used to restore youth, for wound healing, for respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and for infections, colds, flu, and fevers. It’s a true wonder of nature!
Being native to the Swiss Alps, the plant protects itself from the harsh natural conditions by producing flavonoids and phenolic acid, which are also incredibly beneficial in helping soothe and protect skin. There’s even evidence that components in the plant stimulate cellular regeneration and restore cell function, as well as help repair stressed skin and relieve skin irritation.