Resistem by Sederma (Croda International Group) based on the exceptionally powerful Globularia cordifolia plant and helps reinforce the skin with its own defensive barrier to enhance self-regeneration, lessening imperfections and enabling youthful radiance. By helping to protect against external damages, detoxifying, lowering levels of pro-aging agents, extending cell lifespan and encouraging cell proliferation, Resistem™ provides targeted treatment to aging skin and restores a youthful glow and renewed radiance.

Resistem™ acts as an anti-aging and skin conditioning agent. It helps reduce the level of pro-aging agents and local micro-inflammation. It decreases skin redness and enhances natural skin glow. Provides the skin with the power of protecting and regenerating itself. Promotes detoxification (maintains proteasome activity), cell lifespan extension (stimulates sirtuin-1) and tissue regeneration (preserves skin stem cells). Resistem™ helps the skin to build its own anti-aging defence system due to a hormesis-like mechanism.