Rice Powder

The benefits of rice powder for skin
– Rice powder contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that help to achieve a clean and flawless skin.
– Rice powder is grainy in nature, it is able to exfoliate the skin, leaving it so soft and supple to the touch.
– Rice powder is also used to brighten the skin, especially if you suffer from discolouration or hyperpigmentation.
– Rice powder has oil-absorbing properties, which makes it perfect for acne-prone skin.
– Rice powder also contains anti-aging properties, which delays the signs of aging and keeps you looking younger for longer.
– Rice powder is a good anti-inflammatory agent, so it soothes sunburns on skin.
– Rice powder can also tighten your skin and keep it firm, this will delay skin sagging, especially on face.
– Rice powder polishes away flaky and dead skin cells to reveal a smooth and silky skin.