Rosemary Leaf Extract

Officially known as “Rosmarinus officinalis,” rosemary is an evergreen herb that’s found primarily in the Mediterranean region (no wonder it’s used so much in Italian cooking!) and parts of Asia. Well-known as a great cooking ingredient, it’s also been used for centuries for its medicinal properties, used to help everything from sore throats to baldness, and while it’s thought that rosemary does in fact, cure some issues, some early “cures” might be more superstition than actual fact.

Benefits of Rosemary Leaf Extract
Rosemary leaf extract is calming – If you have skin that gets irritated easily, you might want to try some rosemary leaf extract as it’s known for its ability to calm the skin.
Rosemary leaf extract purifies the skin – Even if you have good skin, that doesn’t mean it always looks its best. A little rosemary leaf extract is a great way to purify and restore the skin, bringing it back to its most healthy state.
Rosemary leaf extract protects the skin – Rosemary leaf extract has antioxidant properties which means it helps protect the skin from environmental factors trying to harm it.
Rosemary leaf extract is anti-aging – Because rosemary leaf extract does such a great job protecting your skin from environmental elements, it helps keep fine lines and wrinkles from forming.
Rosemary leaf extract helps firm and tighten your look – As we age, our skin has a tendency to lose its elasticity, making skin look loose and saggy. Rosemary leaf extract will help tighten the skin so it looks younger!
Rosemary leaf extract has cleansing properties – As we know, the cleaner your skin is, the healthier it is which is why we love that rosemary leaf extract has cleansing properties!
Rosemary leaf extract has a gentle effect on the skin – If you have skin that is sensitive, rosemary leaf extract might be a great solution.
Rosemary leaf extract combines well with other ingredients – There is nothing like a great team player and rosemary oil for skin is more or less a captain when it comes to working well with other skincare ingredients.
Rosemary leaf extract helps hydrate the skin – Funnily enough, actual rosemary leaves look and feel pretty dry, yet rosemary leaf extract hydrates the skin.
Rosemary leaf extract is suitable for all skin types – There’s no need to wonder whether rosemary leaf extract will work with your skin type as it works well with all of them!