SEPICONTROL™ A5 – dermo protecting and purifying active ingredient that restores the balance to acne-prone oily skin by reducing the number of blackheads and the sebum level.

SEPICONTROL™ A5 is a sebo-regulator that targets and combats the major causes of skin imbalance and acne. 


  • Combats bacterial proliferation and stimulates the immune defenses
  • Combats inflammation; anti-elastase, anti-Interleukine 1α, anti-radical action
  • Combats hyperkeratinization, reduces the level of filaggrin expression
  • Sebo-regulator: Anti-seborrhea action; anti 5α-reductase
  • Limits the production of peroxidizable free fatty acids; anti-lipase


  • For oily and combination acne-prone skin
  • For sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic