SesaFlash® is a powerful and natural sesame-based ingredient used in the skincare products. Sesaflash is well known for fading wrinkles, lines, and bags almost instantly. It has visible effects within 5-10 minutes, making it the perfect skincare product to apply before make-up. Let’s face it – concealer and foundation can only do so much! With Sesaflash, you will find yourself using less make-up to create the vibrant and youthful look you’re going for. The effects last the entire day and/or night (and cumulatively work long term), so there is no need for re-application and you can be sure that you won’t see those wrinkles and lines showing up mid-way through your night out.

It is now common knowledge that the most essential skincare product to apply before make-up is moisturizer. Dry skin is one of the primary causes of wrinkles, lines, and aging skin. The good news is that Sesaflash has long-lasting hydrating effects. Sesaflash will not only make your skin look rejuvenated immediately after application, but will also prevent your skin from make-up damage and aging.